Search for distributor/partner in the spheres of business and technical cooperation for export of products and services, import and production localization.

Goodwill Promotion provides comprehensive support to identify potential business partners or a customer through a matching process individually designed according to your requirements and therefore helps you to save time and money and reduce potential risks related with necessity to make frequent trips in order to establish business relations. Our company has extensive experience in finding the right business partner for various local and international companies.

General scope of work

  • Generate a questionnaire according to your specifications to create a profile for potential customers or business partners.
  • We translate your company profile and place a link on the websites of relevant organizations of your business sector. Our service also includes necessary translations of documents for the ideal presentation of your company.
  • After a first screening of the interested companies we contact them for further verification and send you the profiles of interested candidates.
  • You can choose the companies you would like to contact and we will visit their premises, meet your potential business partners and conduct interviews. At the end of the research we qill provide you with a final report which will contain precise details with contact information about your prospective future customers or suppliers for the further organization of personal meetings with them.

    If your company plans to set up a representative office in Kazakhstan, we can provide you with all required consultation on legal matters and taxation starting from collection of necessary documentation up to official opening of your company’s branch in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It will be cost-effective and time-saving option to receive all services from one source.

    General scope of services

  • We consult you on company structure, general tax regulations and procedure.
  • We assist you with application for residence and work permit for foreigners.
  • We provide you with a checklist of all required documents and support with preparation and accreditation.
  • Finally, we submit your documents to the competent authorities and communicate on your behalf uo to succesfull company registration.
    Through its local office in Kazakhstan foreign company will be able to increase its operations and will be able to import goods and render after-sales  services to its clients, and undertake sales and marketing activities.

    Staff Recruitment and training

    Staff recruitment is one of the major issues for any company which focuses to develop it’s business in Kazakhstan. We offer customized services for recruiting and training the right and reliable personnel.

    Representation Services

    Establishment of a branch office in Kazakhstan implies certain expenditures which not always correspond to the company’s revenue. In this case, we can offer:

    General representation services:

    1.Temporary office and meeting rooms
    2.Translation,secretarial services and company representation on exhibitions, meetings, e.t.c.
    3.Business support (visas, accommodation and transfers).
    4.product license and customs clearance.
    5. Temporary warehouse services.

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